HELLO👋 people my name is Octavia Osborne. I am 26 years young and I currently live in Charlotte, NC! & I am the queen 👑 of DoubleOStyles.com, both for the blog & women’s boutique!

A little background on me, I work for a large company as a Digital Experience Producer aka ‘I code webpages & emails’. I graduated from The Art Institute of Charlotte with my Bachelors Degree in Web Design & Interactive Media. I would definitely say that going to that college has taught me a lot about fashion because it was also a fashion school so I was always surrounded by fashion students. Attending this college, I only expected to just gain knowledge in web design but being there made my love for fashion grow stronger. Now I can now share my love through my site.❤️

I would consider myself a person who loves to buy, buy, buy BUT I am not rich so I am definitely a budget-friendly fashionista. I like to buy more for less! I love getting dressed, throwing on some heels, changing up my hair, figuring out how I will do my make-up. So overall, my purpose is to express and hopefully inspire you with my styles. I am a honest person so I will share some of my personal thoughts and experiences with you.

Hope you all enjoy it all and don’t be afraid to message me of any comments or even suggestions of would like to see more of. Oh & SUBSCRIBE of course!!😛